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Corporate Headshots-videos

Corporate Clients services

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Corporate Clients

Business events photography and videography services and professional business headshots and portraits of the staff members of the company which are taken on client's location or in our studio. You can send the staff members of your company to our studio or we will travel to your location. Every corporate photography project is unique. Please click on the button below to proceed with the inquiry.


1- 10-15 minutes consultation to learn about your project.

2- You will receive an official estimate via email.

3- Upon your approval, we will set a day/time of the shoot.

4- We set up our studio according to your shoot.

5- Our photographer will coach you to achieve the most flattering look.

6- You will view your photos on a large screen while you are being photographed.

7- You select your favorite photo/s on spot or via an online gallery (per request).

8- Your photos will be retouched and optimized.

9- You will receive a link to download the photos within 3-5 days


In addition to our Years of experience doing photography, we utilize the highest quality photography equipment available in the market to achieve

the best possible results. Even when we come to your location, we have a full studio setup to get the exact same quality photos that we are

producing in our studio. Consistency is the golden rule of our business and no matter if we work on a large project or a smaller one, the quality of

our photos is always the same! unlike many others, we do not surprise our clients by showing up, carrying a cheap camera/lens, a $50 Speedlight,

and a homemade backdrop! just to give you an idea, to take business headshots from your staff professionals we carry over 35,000.00 worth of

equipment to your location.


1- We have over 15 years of experience doing photography and we are professionals.

2- Our company is fully ensured to cover any accidents.

3- Each person’s name who’s being photographed will be linked to their photos right at the time of the shoot to avoid any mistakes.

4-We provide basic retouching on the spot to provide our clients with the best possible experience.

5- Our headshot services are included free professional retouching.

6- Our retouchers are highly experienced and we do our post-processing and retouching in our own studio.

7- We do white balance and color correction on the spot to get the skin tones 100% accurate.

8- Our photographer will be assisted by a second shooter to ensure the smoothness of the process.

9- We have a very quick turnaround time. within 3-5 days.

10- Our experienced photographer will be directing each person who’s being photographed to show and bring out their best self in front of the camera.

11- We tether our cameras to a computer so each person can view their headshots on a large screen right at the time of the shoot to ensure their complete satisfaction.

12- We are fully equipt and we utilize the most advanced/updated photography equipment to photograph your staff members. Just to get an idea we carry over 35,000.00 worth of equipment to your location.


- Important things to consider when having Corporate Headshots taken.

- We recommend sharing these guidelines with your staff professionals.

1. Your look

It’s important to think about what your best side is. Some people are self-conscious of certain facial features. Portrait photographers are used to

hearing this, so don’t feel embarrassed to tell them that, for example, one of your eyes is bigger than the other. In this case, our photographer could

angle you to one side so that the perspective makes both eyes look the same size.

2. Your smile

Most people know whether they smile with their teeth or not. Even for professional headshots, smiling both with and without your teeth work, so

smile whichever way you feel most comfortable. A forced smile isn’t good and might even make you seem disingenuous. You should be able to

recognize a ‘real’ smile through a person’s eyes. Top tip: think of someone or something that makes you laugh, this will both relax you and give you

a great, genuine smile!

3. What to wear

Think classic! For the men… Pick your favorite suit in a preferably dark color, such as grey or navy blue. Bold patterns and colors, as well as shiny

ties, detract from the face and can look unprofessional. If you don’t wear a tie, it’s best to wear a sweatshirt or jacket or some other kind of layer to

break it up and stop it from looking like a floating head! And for the women… Choose a professional suit or a classic office-wear outfit. Don’t pick

any bold or distracting patterns, however little pops of color here and there can be alright. Try not to wear stark white unless it’s underneath a

jacket or cardigan etc, white tends to make people look washed out. Avoid short sleeves if possible; this can look unprofessional and also detracts

from the face. For jewelry, anything subtle and classic is a yes, but anything bling or flashy is a no. We don’t want to notice your jewelry before

your face! There isn’t a strict rule for ‘what to wear’, so long as your outfit reflects your company. In startups, for example, a much more “relaxed”

style has been adapted. Jeans, t-shirts, and trainers are allowed, the idea behind it is that you come to work dressed how you would in everyday


4.Your posture

Body language is the key to looking confident. Keep your back straight and don’t hunch your shoulders, think about the posture a ballet dancer has

but don’t overdo it or you’ll look too rigid. Think about your company’s main values or morals and tell the photographer so they can try to help you

portray them through your body language.

6. Make-up

Lots of people ask whether hiring a make-up artist is a good idea. We believe wearing professional makeup definitely makes a difference, but it is

completely up to you. If you decide to wear makeup, please bear in mind your portrait must be easily recognizable and you don’t want the heavy

makeup to overpower the portrait. Furthermore, the camera will pick up clumps of mascara or dark lipstick. So please consider:

1- Wear light casual makeup and heavy makeup is not recommended.

2- Make sure the makeup artist you are working with is familiar with the type of makeup needed for the portrait photography sessions since some

makeup products can cause unpleasant reflections under the flashlights.

3- Do not use any oily cream on your skin before the photo shoot to avoid harsh reflections.


1- The best is if you style your hair professionally right before the shoot. We promise it makes a big difference in your photos.

2- It is better to not dye or cut your hair right before the shoot, this rule is especially imperative for men. Some shades of freshly dyed hair can look

too vibrant and usually dull down about 1-2 weeks later. Also,

3- Freshly cut hair might need some time to settle so you can shape it easier.

4- Avoid hair spray. Hair spray might fix your hair for a few minutes or so but once it is touched by wind or your hand it becomes frizzy and hard

to deal with. It is better to do the final touch-ups in the studio right before the shoot.

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